Series 5

Makeover Series #hairgoals

We were all so confused when Wave 3 of the Under Wraps was revealed with different packaging and new name… LOL Surprise Makeover Series!

It appears at this point, that LOL Surprise is moving away from releasing their products in numerical order, and are now naming the new series by theme, rather than number.

The Makeover Series completes the Big Sister Under Wraps Checklist with 12 new dolls, 10 of which have ROOTED hair, as opposed to the original plastic molded hair that we are used to with the Series 1 – 4 dolls. The two glitterati are the only two with the original molds.

These also come in a new container. These capsules are shaped like an Aerosol hairspray bottle and open up like a closet where the doll can stand. LOL Makeover Series sticks with 15 surprises, one of which is a comb (in place of the spy glass) to “style” the hair and hair barrette stickers (in place of the water surprise stickers).

They also have surprised us with the littles and pets of this series, as they LIL’s will be released with both lil sisters/brothers and pets mixed together, adding another element of surprise, not knowing which you will get!

And don’t fear, they will still have a separate pet series, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets which you will have to wash in order to uncover the pet you unboxed, instead of the sand in the previous series.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more coming!!

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