LOL Surprise Fans Top Choices for LOL Surprise YouTube Channels

If you are like all of the millions of other LOL Surprise Fans, we stay entertained with out L.O.L, Surprise addiction through the thousands of available youtube videos dedicated to them daily.  For your enjoyment, we have search far and wide and thought we would share with you some of our Top Picks for LOL Surprise Doll YouTube Creators;  These are in no particular order and simply based off of the opinions of the creators of LOL Surprise Fans website; Things take into consideration was; quantity, quality, creativity, number of subscribers and originality.


Maybe we are partial, but we have been with them since the Shopkins days, and this dynamic duo does an amazing job of being authentic with their audience, explaining the content in a way that everyone can understand, and having fun with the product in the most simple of ways.  You always know what you can expect when watching a PSToyReview video and you will always leave feeling satisfied;  If you have not already checked out their channel, Click Here

Aubris World

I don’t know how they do it, but this family specializes in 2 things LOL Surprise Related; 1)They will uncover all the latest news first and provide a brief, simple explanation video to inform the rest of the LOL Surprise Fans around the world & 2)They have A LOT of L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, in fact, all of them — and they do an amazing job and keeping them organized and updating us all with their complete collections as the series go on.  If you have not already, check them out here;  Click Here

Super S Toy Channel

Also know for getting the latest products before the rest of us who impatiently wait for them to hit the shelves, the young lady has a contagious enthusiasm that makes you want to continue to watch.  Her genuine love for L.O.L. Surprise dolls shine through out her videos and her memory and knowledge of the product, through the eyes of a 5-year-old is priceless.  Check here out here: Click Here

Melody’s Treasure Box

It sure is fun to see a daddy daughter duo in the mix of the LOL Surprise chaos and these two are the perfect match. What we like about this channel is there genuine passion for all toys, not just LOL Surprise Dolls and the fun that they have in their videos. They are mostly know for there Custom Giant Homemade L.O.L Surprise Dolls as well as their filled pool of LOL Dolls.  This family sure knows how to have fun and you will have fun watching them.  Check them out here; Click Here

Up and Play

We choose this channel for their amazing DIY’s which are jaw dropping, whether it’s a giant ball or a mine pearl surprise, the detail and perfect of their work speaks for itself.  They also keep if fun with several L.O.L. Surprise! Quizzes that have LOL Surprise Fans screaming for more. If quizzes aren’t your thing, take a look at there Do’s and Don’t videos.  They are entertaining and fun and you might even learn a thing a two.  Check them out here;  Click Here

Toys LikeHoney

This channel is not just about unboxing L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, they are all about fun skits and challenges revolving around L.O.L Surprise Dolls;  If you are looking to entertain you of your lil with some unique challenges, this is the place for you.  Some of our favorite skits are calling LOL Surprise Dolls, dressing up as LOL Surprise Dolls, drawing challenges with LOL Surprise dolls, and challenges where poor Honey must go with out LOL Surprise Dolls.  Honey is talented and lovable and we think you will enjoy her if you check her out here:  ClickHere

If you have a favorite LOL Surprise YouTube Channel, let us know in the comments section so we can all check it out!



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