It’s Almost Here – Black Friday – We have everything you need to know!

It’s Almost Here – Black Friday – Let’s get READY together

At LSF Clubs we are committed to bringing you the best deals on the hottest toys of the 2019-20 Holidays Season. I’m happy to report that the ad scans are out and they are looking good! As per usual, we will be adding stores and deals as the holiday draws near, so get READY…

To kick off the season we have decided to let you in on some of out top secret tips and tricks for Black Friday Shopping!

Picture this; Its a cold, windy Thanksgiving day in 2013. I’m a new mom with 3 stores on my list (Target, Walmart and Best Buy — can you relate?), with 7 hot ticket items; What is a mom to do? It was at that moment, I knew I had to devise a solid plan. I have been perfecting this plan for the last 6 years and I’m going to let you in on a few of my best kept secrets.

1) Go through all ads thoroughly, before you plan anything. Circle all your “must haves” and then categorize them by if you believe they will go fast. Take into consideration store hours. For example, Target will be opening at 5PM on Thanksgiving, so that may be a great place to start!

2) Bring a BUDDY — I cannot stress this enough. If at all possible, team up. This can be done multiple ways — you can split up and each get items from both lists (if you have same-like items). Or one buddy stays in line, while one frantically shops, then you trade off and swap. All the while, you get to keep a place in line, potentially a slow moving line. Or even divide and concur completely different stores. With paypay and venmo and other apps it’s super easy to pay each other back. Trust me and my years and years of shopping experience, there is strength in numbers for this event. (BONUS: It can be super fun!)

3) Carts SLOW you down! If at all possible, bring reusable grocery bags, multiple even, and be able to navigate around the store with ease.

4) If you find yourself in a line, this is a perfect opportunity to check things off you on-line list – Amazon, Slickdeals, Target, Bestbuy, Walmart and so many others are allowing for additional sales on-line!

5) Bring your ad’s with you! This has saved me multiple times for extra coupons, or not forgetting items.

6) Yes, it is worth it! If you are planning to buy present for multiple people this holiday season, you can and will save money participating in these events.

And lastly, (AND this is the most important one), this one is so important I don’t even give it a number; HAVE FUN! Go into this with the attitude that you are going to do your best to save as much as you can. You will meet some nice people, meet some people who are crabby, some workers who don’t want to be there and everything in between – but you can choose your attitude and how you respond to the others you encounter. This is the kick-off to your holiday season, and like life; it’s messy, it’s unpredictable, and it can be utter chaos, but find the beauty in it. Thrive in the excitement and the thrill of the hunt. Celebrate the small victories and handle the defeats with ease and grace and you too, will have some amazing Black Friday Memories to share.

Our First of Many Black Friday Deals to share with you is for the LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise. This will be on sale at Target for $99.99 ($20 dollars off) BUT, with the Amazing Surprise Purchase you also get a LOL Surprise Biggie Pet for FREE! (a $34.99 value). If you have LOL Surprise Lover(s) on your list, this is a surefire way to kill two birds with one stone. We will update the link when it is live.

Good luck with all your purchases and we can’t wait to save money with you this holiday season.

Get Started with your planning right here;


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