This section is here for those who wish to buy or sell from other members. Please observe all rules listed below to keep this a safe and fun place for our members to buy/sell/trade:

  1. This forum is NOT responsible for any transactions or problems that may arise. Please use common sense and protect yourself when purchasing items.
  2. Please mark your posts SOLD once your item(s) have sold so that the moderators can remove the posts that are no longer active.
  3. Please post about item(s) you are selling and/or seeking ONLY ONCE in this forum. Repeated posts regarding the same item(s) will be removed.
  4. Always use PayPal backed trades, NO Friends and Family, if you want to protect yourself.

This will be strictly monitored and all posts violating this will be deleted. Persons who repeatedly violate this rule will be deleted from the forum. This will help to insure that members are here as fans and not for monetary gain.

Now have fun! 🙂