689-Piece K’NEX $20.53!!!

Calling all creators and builders! Right now Amazon has the 689-piece K’NEX Thrill Rides kit for $20.53. That’s 74% off the retail price of $79.99. The K’NEX Thrill Ride kit builds one roller coaster called the Panther Attack. Inside the kit you will find tracks,  a coaster car, panther themed decorations, a cardboard VR viewer, and a motor so your roller coaster really moves! To enhance your experience, you can download the K’NEX app “Ride It!” to virtually ride your Panther Attack roller coaster. However, because the kit comes with a VR viewer, note that it says CARDBOARD. This means that it is not an actual VR viewer, but a cardboard to go over an actual VR viewer, which is NOT included in the kit. In addition, the pieces in this particular kit is smaller than the full-size K’NEX pieces. Overall, it is a good quality roller coaster that really runs and loops using the motor. Builders will enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of completing this roller coaster! 

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